Unexpected Savior

  • Despite their best efforts, they’re unable to stop Echo.
  • She doesn’t want to hurt Zafir, but the Soul Stitcher forces to hurt something. She decides who to kill first, eventually settling on Justice.
  • Justice tries to resist, even futilely stabbing Echo, but the Soul Stitcher just heals the wound. Echo conjures a strange portal through her Esper, opening into a dark place with a powerful evil waiting on the other side. Everyone has been so badly beaten they can only watch as she banishes Justice through it.
  • The Maluma manifests physically in front of everyone, furious at Echo. She failed to notice Justice steal the pontifex piece from around her neck while she was attacking her. This draw’s Echo’s attention to Nightingale and the Maluma, and she advances, preparing to kill them next.
  • The Maluma tries to persuade her that they’re on the same side, but fails. Echo attacks, and the Maluma reacts with terrible power, manifesting as a gigantic devouring maw. It tears Echo apart in seconds, leaving her shredded to pieces. Nightingale tries and fails to stop it before Echo is killed.
  • ! Reward: The Feasting
  • ! New Story Flag: Massacred
  • ! New Story Flag: Slipping