Unstoppable Blight

  • A messenger rushes to find Damocles and the others in the city. The message is urgent. Damocles must return to his father. Things are getting worse quickly for Rivka.
  • When they arrive to the estate, they find the servants all dressed in black. They are ushered to a bedroom where they find Elias sitting next to his wife, Rivka. The poor woman looks sick and pale with a green rot spreading down her body. There is a madness in her eyes and it’s clear that she’s no longer completely human.
  • Though Damocles protests, Elias refuses to see his wife turn completely into a monster. Even if a cure does exist, he could never live with himself keeping her locked up for the decades it could take until the mythical cure is found.
  • The truth is horrific but they both realize what must be done. Rivka must be killed before things get worse.
  • The Maluma whispers from inside Nightingale, it’s dark voice tells her that Elias is too weak to be the one to kill her. Nightingale can’t believe it, but she agrees with the Maluma. Elias is shaky, and as he pulls a dagger from his side, it’s clear that he’ll emotionally suffer doing the deed.
  • Nightingale is urged by the Maluma to suggest that Damocles be the one to do the dirty work. Does she trust the Maluma?
  • !Decision: Nightingale may choose to either urge Damocles to be the one to kill his mother, or say nothing and let Elias do it.