Victorious Aisling

  • Remi collapses physically and emotionally from their defeat.
  • Aisling taunts Remi, thinking that the youngest Princess of Elenia has her back. Aisling leans in close to Aisling and promises that she is going to take her back to Elenia and have her entire corrupt family punished for their crimes.
  • Aisling is suddenly struck in the back of the head by a vicious blow from Nightingale.
  • Controlled by the Maluma, Nightingale delivers a second horrible blow that sends Aisling crumpling to her knees.
  • Through her delirium, and unaware that Nightingale has been controlled by a parasite this whole time, Aisling is confused by her actions. She coughs blood and falls to the dirt.
  • Remi looks on in horror and confusion as the Maluma looms over Aisling.
  • Padric tries in vain to pull himself up in an attempt to stop Nightingale from delivering a fatal blow to Aisling.
  • Nightingale only laughs, taking the Hegemonix from the grass nearby Aisling. Nightingale clicks the puzzle box into place and unleashes the Exalted Esper inside.
  • Aisling croaks out a warning in fear and pain. The Hegemonix was not to be trifled with and only Aisling truly knew what it would unleash.