• The Shadow Lord finally falls before them, deflating away to a pale wisp of energy.
  • Zeke rushes over to Justice, reviving her as quickly as he can. He explains that they’ve defeated the Shadow Lord, and it’s time to go. They’ve come to rescue her at last.
  • She’s confused, unable to believe that they could’ve killed it. Wasn’t it supposed to be a god? She insists that it isn’t dead, and hints at the horrible things that happened while she was a prisoner.
  • The Shadow Lord rises before their eyes, reforming from smoke. Instead of angry, it seems impressed with their dedication, explaining that no weapon made by mortals could kill it. The corpses all around the room began to rise, picking up every weapon they can reach.
  • The Shadow Lord is amused with their efforts. It says that there’s enough death elsewhere, and they’ve earned their freedom for now, if they leave.