We’re Not Here To Fight

  • Defeated, and under the impression they mean to kill him, the man angrily tells the group to finish what they came here to do.
  • Nightingale quickly explains who she is. She points out that they entered via a hidden tunnel that was dug outside of the estate. Nightingale tries to explain that they aren’t here to harm anyone. Instead, they are here to gather information.
  • Just then, a man bursts through the cellar door nearby. Flanked by a set of guards, he calls for his ally by the name of Damocles, worried that he has been hurt by the intruders. The guards surge forward to seize the Nightingale and the others.
  • Damocles calls to his father, urging him to refrain from arresting anyone. Nightingale helps Damocles stand. Damocles brushes himself off and warns his father that this is the second princess of Elenia, Nightingale Arsen.
  • Damocles’ father is relieved to hear that they aren’t intruders who mean them harm. He introduces himself as Elias Hyde and explains that he is personal friends with Balthazar. Seeing the Princess in his cellar, Elias mistakenly believes that she and her friends must be some sort of help that he sent for from Elenia.
  • Nightingale and the others don’t know about any sort of official help that was requested, but they nod anyway, playing along.