What’s Wrong With Her

  • Abigail wants to know where the rest of the party will go. Nightingale says that she’ll absolutely be part of the group that goes to replace the Aegis stone. She refuses any suggestion that she should go anywhere else, or stay behind.
  • The Maluma manifests for her alone, surprisingly polite. After Shayliss notices Nightingale’s distress, it appears for everyone. The guards react, but they’re powerless to stop it just like the rest of them.
  • The Maluma admits that it was wrong about Nightingale’s weakness and incompetence. It admits that she’s resisted longer than any host it ever had. It says that it has no ultimate loyalty to Charon, and served him because he promised a body.
  • It proposes that Nightingale could provide it the same thing: if they give it a body, it will leave Nightingale voluntarily. In the process it confirms the truth of the Anointed’s story, about Charon’s imprisonment in the Suspended Tomb. In exchange for a body, it can also provide Nightingale the location of the last Pontifex piece.
  • Nightingale agrees instantly, prompting shock and horror from the rest of the group. She breaks down in front of them, confessing how difficult it has been to hold out for so long, how the Maluma has been wearing down on her sanity.
  • The promise struck, the Maluma admits that the last piece of the pontifex was what it was looking for when they first met: it is stored beneath the White Spires, in the keeping of Vault Lord Hogrifar.
  • The Maluma agrees to stop trying to take Nightingale’s body in the meantime, while she’s working to honor the bargain. If she ever defies it, it will turn on her again.
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