Yun’s Party

  • While outside, the four follow Zeke until coming to a courtyard. Together, they marvel at the White Spires of Elenia.
  • Deep within the White Spires contains a portal from Middara to Earth. These Portals are rare and sought after and kingdoms are built around them. Beneath the Spires are the White Vaults, a dangerous, seemingly never-ending maze of tunnels, caverns, and dungeons. Many myths surround these vaults and many of the students of the Institute of Elenia are well aware of their dangers.
  • Zeke’s brother Yun Jeong is the official guardian of the White Spires. Historically, Yun has been on very good terms with Zeke and always invites him to the extravagant parties he holds on the upper levels of the spires. This night is no different, and Yun is having a huge graduation party tonight and the group attends.
  • Yun was uncharacteristically preoccupied throughout the party. This catches the attention of Zeke.
  • Remi surprises the others with her cunning subterfuge abilities. She overhears Yun and a guard talking about a thief that recently broke into the vaults. While the thief is in no way close to gaining access to the valuable portal to Earth, they apparently gained entry into the White Vaults that run beneath the spires. Yun sets up guards on the perimeter of each exit and returns to the party.
  • Remi relays this info to the others. Nightingale gets excited. This is her chance to embark on a true adventure. The team reluctantly agrees to join her in a quest to catch the thief.