First Batch of 3D Prints Sent to Panda!

Today we sent the first batch of 3D prints to Panda! They’ll be working up a production sample for us and, to our surprise, will be using our 3D prints for the molds. This necessitates getting some of the models 3D printed again, so we only sent 3D prints over to Panda that we felt were of high enough quality to represent the final product. Trenchworx is going to be at GAMA next week, but they’ll start printing all the changed models when they get back.  The important thing is that Panda will be able to start on a new production sample now and we’ll be able to see if they can deliver on their promised quality.  Like we mentioned last week, some of the reprints will have different poses and one that will be getting a re-pose is Damoclese. Here’s a NON-FINAL Damoclese pose that Jakub Szal worked up for us this week:

Damocles Repose Concept
Damocles Repose Concept

One new development that occurred with Trenchworx as they acquired a new type of plastic that increases the level of detail in certain features of the 3D prints. We don’t know if this quality jump transfer to an actual plastic miniature so we are sending two copies of Sidra in both the new and old plastic to Panda and are awaiting their feedback.  Check out the difference, as well as a pic of Agares, below:

Sidra - Agares Scale
Sidra – Agares Scale
Sidra Plastic Comparison - Old vs. New
Sidra Plastic Comparison – Old vs. New

Alex has been working hard all week to finish up the White Vaults of Elenia tile set and it looks absolutely stunning! I don’t think you’ll be able to find this kind of detailed tile artwork anywhere else.  Now that he’s finished the coloring we’ll be sending them over to our graphic designer, Stephanie Gustafson, to add the grid and terrain. Once she gets that back to us we’ll be sure to show you what the final product will look like. Check out some of the now colored tiles below:

White Vaults Tile - Crumbling Bridge
White Vaults Tile – Crumbling Bridge
White Vaults Tile - Aqueduct Bend
White Vaults Tile – Aqueduct Bend
White Vaults Tile - Bridge Intersection
White Vaults Tile – Bridge Intersection

Thanks everyone!