Free figure, a new stretch goal, and a community reward!

Cross Promotion with Demigod Evolution!

First up, we have a free kickstarter exclusive provided by the people over at Demigods Evolution!

Demigods logo

We worked out a deal to get our backers more figures!

In exchange for the rights to use our very own Living Oblation in their kickstarter, which is currently running, they have provided us with their magnificent Black Wolf figure. We will be doing our own rendition of this figure so that it feels like it’s from Middara through and through. This will include unique artwork and a unique sculpt.

So without further ado, your free kickstarter exclusive, and our version of Black Wolf.

Black Wolf

You can read her Middara-specific fiction here!

Black Wolf will come with her own figure done by one of our talented artists. She will come with two custom equipment cards that represent her skull whip (shown wrapped around her waist) and her spear. Included will also be the rules to play her as an adventurer, NPC, and antagonist. Due to time restraints on our delivery date, we will not be able to provide an official solo story for her.

After play testing, we will do an update in the future (probably after the campaign has ended) that contains her full rules. And as usual, we will also post the CAD file when it is ready.

We’re very excited to be working with so many other companies on kickstarter. These cross-promotions transcend simple advertising, but help us by providing more swag for our backers and more opportunities in the future for all of us.


Community Reward!

We love some of the ideas that some of you have pitched for community rewards. However, this late in the campaign we feel that the best ideas should be reserved for a later campaign. Despite this, we have decided to add a community reward based on getting 500 fans on boardgamegeek.

If we get another 400 of you to go click a single button on Board Game Geek, we will upgrade the base game with six new dark fantasy inspired equipment cards!



Translation Stretch Goals!


We have our new stretch goals up. We want to be up front with everyone and be clear that financially, we are to the breaking point of free stuff that can be given away. However, we can provide content to the game that doesn’t strain our manufacturing costs. Translations are a great way to broaden the appeal of the game while supporting those outside the U.S. who have been so enthusiastic about supporting our game. They are a big reason that so much free content has been unlocked, and we want to make sure to reward everyone for their support.

To be very clear, we will be providing a translation of the rules and cards regardless of whether we hit these unlocks.

In Middara, we have an adventure book that contains over 50,000 words of creative writing in English. Translating that much content goes beyond the scope of the help that the community can offer. Doing this will require professional translators at full time wages to convert the creative writing into their native language. Some scenes will even have to be changed in small ways so that they make sense in different cultures.

The unlocks listed here are for the professional translation of the current adventure book and the professional editing involved in getting a novel’s worth of content moved into another language.

In addition, these translation unlocks will also include subtitles in the digital app. That way our backers from other continents can enjoy the audio story too.

Lastly, we will also translate all other adventure stories (Nyx, Ballroom Shayliss, Pirates of Elenia) that we unlock during this campaign.



Our first story pack: Pirates of Elenia: Hunt for the Mother!

Expansion 3d Mockup


We have already made the promise that all unlocks on our campaign will be free. So rather than providing this expansion pack as a lower level unlockable that you have to pay to add on, we have chosen to provide it as a free unlockable. This helps us keep our word, as well as make sure we keep finances where they need to be to deliver everything. Our priority number one is fulfillment, and all decisions for unlocks are based on that goal.

With that said, if we hit 300k  we will be able to release our first story expansion pack! This pack contains a new 4 player story, 4 new adventures, and 5 new figures.

We have yet to confirm the artwork for the 4th and 5th figures in the box. As soon as we have artwork we feel suitable for the theme and character’s personalities, we will be releasing them. This will most likely be after the campaign has ended so that we can keep up with the other unlocks and updates.

However, you can check out our art assets we currently have.

Kajax – Artwork | Fiction | Miniature

Sidra – Artwork | Fiction | Miniature

Godswill – Artwork | Fiction | Miniature

Antoinette – Artwork | Fiction | Miniature

The Mother – Artwork | Fiction | Miniature