Gevaudan Unlocked!

Our first antagonist has been unlocked!


Disclaimer: We are actively working on terminology changes and clarification of rules. These cards are undergoing these changes as the campaign is being posted. The final product may vary.

You can read the Gevaudan fiction here.

Each one of our unlocked antagonists comes with rules to play them as an NPC or as an antagonist.


Geveudan NPC

The Gevaudan is one of the common dangerous creatures that inhabits Middara. Its NPC version is used when playing them as the game master, using conduction summoning to become one, or in home brew scenarios.

Its three different passives give it some great versatility compared with other antagonists of its level.  Adrenaline is a unique potent ability to the Gevaudan. It allows the Gevaudan to immediately attack any opponent that just made an attack against him. Combine this with Agile and Reach, and the Gevaudan is a fearsome figure on the table.

False Idol allows the Gevaudan to attack once per turn for only one AP. This combined with Swift Strikes can give the Gevaudan great mobility and damage in a single turn.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Gevaudan has no symbols that add damage. These creatures rely on their ability to inspire themselves with courage to get a damage bonus. Without it, they might attack a lot, but they won’t be hitting hard.

Geveudan AI



Basics: Fast and deadly, the Gevaudan can quickly get past your tanky adventurers and kill your more vulnerable party members if your group doesn’t position correctly.

Passive Abilities: Gevaudan will make moves that purposely provoke free attacks from opponents. Their two passives thrive on this tactic. Agile gives them a dodge roll using the red dice the first time each turn they are attacked. And Adrenaline allows them to counter attack. This deadly combination puts players in a predicament where they must consider the possibility of just letting the Gevaudan pass them without taking a free attack.

Action Breakdown: The first action listed is their bread and butter tactic. A Gevaudan will make an attack against an adjacent opponent, then they will immediately move to engage the farthest opponent within engagement range. Since this movement is optional on behalf of the Gevaudan, it will grant a free attack to any adjacent opponents it passes.  If there only happens to be one opponent alive on the board, the Gevaudan will instead attack them twice and not move.

If there is instead no opponents adjacent, but instead, there is one at range 2, the Gevaudan will make an attack against them using its tail scythe. If this attack hits, it will move the target one space towards the Gevaudan. This allows the Gevaudan to do maximum damage on its next turn.

Its last activation is similar to its first. It will move to engage an opponent and then move to engage the farthest opponent. The fact that this movement grants free attacks is part of the Gevaudan strategy.

Weaknesses: They are weakest at range two. In addition, they lack decent conviction dice. This puts them at a serious disadvantage against adventurers with the ability to cast spells. In addition, the Gevaudan have no damage symbols. Instead, they must rely on casting courage on themselves. If adventurers have Soul Clear and some Magic Balm, they can simply dispel courage as the Gevaudan cast it.