Italian translation unlocked, and 6 new equipment cards in the base game!

Italian  unlocked

Congratulations! We unlocked the professional Italian translation! We will now be providing the adventure book in pdf form professionally translated in Italian to all our backers! This unlock will also provide subtitles to the audio app we unlocked earlier. We at Succubus Publishing are very excited to be doing translations for all our backers. We believe that this international presence will increase the success of our product and benefit all backers in the long run.

utility bag

As mentioned in the last update, we will be adding another 6 themed equipment cards to the base game for each language unlock we hit!

Due to such short notice, and the fact we like to play test things before adding them to the game, we will post these as an update as soon as we have them created. This could be weeks after the campaign has ended. In addition, the equipment cards will have to be created, play tested, and drawn. This is something that could take time. But as soon as we have them made, we will post them.