Item Card Breakdown

Hey Everyone!

These past couple weeks we’ve been having Stephanie update all the cards for the game to be print ready. She’s been doing a great job and we’ve made a lot of headway towards getting the cards ready for print. In light of this progress we wanted to show off one of the item cards and do an in-depth breakdown of the layout, symbols and such. So without further ado I present the Dagger:

Dagger - Front
Dagger – Front
Dagger - Back
Dagger – Back

Starting from the top, you’ll notice the name of the item: Dagger. This is the name of the item.

In front of the pile of gold is the cost of the item: 15 Gold. Throughout the game players will gain gold by defeating monsters and completing quests and during a Story Round you’ll be able to spend that hard earned gold on items.

Across from the cost are the icons associated with that item: Melee/Blade/Thrust/Light. The Melee icon means that this weapon can be paired with other Melee weapons to make an attack and that the range of that attack is adjacent. Both Blade and Thrust are the types of damage that this weapon does when attacking and is referenced by other cards. Light is a class of weapon that is referenced by other cards.

The hand symbol represents how many hands this item uses when equipped: 1. The Dagger is a one-handed weapon and would need to be paired with another one handed weapon in order to make an effective attack.

The colored die tells you which die to roll when making an attack: Purple. Purple is the weakest die in the game, but our adventurers have to start somewhere!

The first ability listed on the Dagger is one that is unique to one-handed weapons: COMBO. When a card has the combo ability it lists a specific item icon that will allow players to use the benefit listed below it. In this case, if an adventurer were to equip another item with ‘Light’ icon they would gain BACKSTAB. Backstab gives you a bonus to your flanking attacks so instead of gaining +3 to your attack rolls you gain +5.

The second ability listed on the Dagger is a one-time use ability: FLIP. When using a flip ability players simply do the listed ability and then flip over the card. Cards with flip abilities don’t lose any of their stats once flipped and have all their other abilities listed on the back of the card as can be seen above. Once an encounter is lost or a predetermined number of encounters have been won, players will be instructed to ‘Restore Adventurers’ and all flipped cards may then be unflipped. The Flip ability of the Dagger can only be used while it is that players turn and allows them to THROW. Throw is an ability that allows a player to target an opponent at Ranged 4 and roll a single purple die. The number rolled is dealt as Damage to that opponent.

The last ability listed on the Dagger is a once-a-round ability: EXHAUST. When using an exhaust ability players perform the list ability and then rotate the card horizontally to signify it has been used. A players exhausted cards un-exhaust during the ‘Refresh’ phase at the beginning of their turn. The exhaust ability of the Dagger can be used during an attack made against the player and allows them to Dodge without using an action point or using their one Dodge for the turn.

We hope you enjoyed the in-depth breakdown of the Dagger and we look forward to showing off more near-final components of the game in the coming weeks!