Just got back from salt lake gaming con!


We had a booth all weekend at salt lake gaming con and had a blast talking to all of our backers from around the country. We found ourselves playtesting for the whole duration of the event with very little down time. We got some great feedback and wanted thanks everyone who took time to play with us!

We were interviewed by multiple outlets, and gave out plenty of free art prints. In addition we were able to meet tons of new kickstarter creators who’s projects will be launching later this year.

Miniature prototype incoming!

A quick update from our manufacturers. Panda is shipping out their Nightingale production prototype to show off to all of us. Once we have it we will post pictures and let you know if we decide that they are the ones we will be using for miniatures.

Pledge manager reminder!

We will be sending out the pledge manager sometime in the next four weeks. This manager will allow our backers to choose which product their pledge went towards. In addition, it will allow for an influx of new backers and the ability to add additional product for those who have already backed.