Kamala notes

Pro Tips!

Big plays is the name of the game with Kamala. She is considered one of the best grapplers in the game. Her standard throw will beat all other throws in the game. Couple this with the fact many of her attacks will either reposition her, her opponent, or gives her huge setups for future turns. She’s also the only character in the game that has throws that can link with other throws. Kamala is a rush down character that excels at not only putting her opponent where she wants them but constantly getting herself in their grill.

Players choosing to play Kamala will want to make sure to always pay close attention to their position as it’s vital to winning any match with her. Zoner’s can be tough to deal with but can be overcome using meter or a well-timed dash. Players also need to keep an eye on her priorities against some of the faster and more mobile characters.

Kamala is good for players who love to see their opponent fly around levels and back pedal to try and stay away from them.



Growing up with an Erelim father, Kamala was exposed to magic at an early age. Despite restrictions not to share the secrets of the Erelim, even to family members, her father was convinced that Kamala would be called to the school of Lod, and wanted her trained well. When most children speak of their imaginary friends, those friends exist only in the child’s mind. Kamala’s invisible friend was, however, quite real. Avi’el was by her side through her whole life, from the moment she was allowed to attend a ‘normal’ middle school and learned what being bullied felt like, to when she met her very first human friends, Ferie and Pryor. Avi’el was with her when she ditched her friends in favor of the popular kids, and he was there when she realized the terrible mistake she’d made in doing so. To repair her friendship, she shared her deepest secret with the two, and she spent the summer before their senior year teaching them how to use magic. Avi’el was standing by her side when Kamala got her call to attend the school of Lod, and in his own way he shared her joy when Ferie and Ptyor were called as well. Now, as Kamala trains in the occult, Avi’el is finally able to fully materialize and join her in not only her mental, but physical battles as well.


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