Late Update Away!

Hey backers!

We’ve been tremendously busy with all our scheming. We hope you can forgive us for missing a nearly two weeks of updates.

The last couple weeks has been spent working long hours, and having long meetings. It’s looking like we’re going to have some options for miniatures and we are in fact going to have samples from panda as soon as next week. They’ve sent us pictures and they’re some of the best injection molding figures we’ve seen. However, those are only pictures and we feel that we wan’t to physically hold them for comparison of other miniature games made of the same material. We expect to be showing them compared to other miniatures on the market in an update next week!

In addition we’ve been hammering out financial particulars and business decisions for how we’d like to move forward with our massive product. We’ll be likely bouncing a few ideas off of our backers in the coming weeks, including a possible resin option, and a detailed explanation of how our expansion content is being implemented, and our retail plan.

Also, we’re still on track for delivery next year. We’ll be going into full manufacturing (meaning cardboard) by the end of February. We’re currently just finishing up playtesting and solidifying late game designs. Miniatures are already being worked on and are just waiting on our approval of sample miniatures to move into full production. We’re expecting to receive samples from 3 companies by December 15th, but Panda is delivering earlier than our expected deadline.

The samples we’re getting do reflect the final product. We expected “what you see is what you get” samples from these companies.

With that out of the way, the only illustrations left to do are related to our Adventure Mode. You can check out a piece by Elsevilla below.



Have a great weekend! See you guys next week!