Merry Christmas Backers!

It’s been a busy last couple months for us here at Succubus Publishing. We’re constantly working overtime so that we can get this game delivered while also making it the best it can be. We plan on having  our pledge manager updated next weekend. This means that you should all be receiving a new email next Friday that can be edited. This will let you see what you pledged for, update your address, or even add to your order.

In addition, we’re about 25% through our final tile set in the base game and are scheduled to have this game done and to our printers by the end of February. This means that we’re still on track for a 2017 delivery of Middara.

Along with the constant feedback from our backers and their support, we’ve been running weekly playtests with those who have been kind enough to spend the 60+ hours it takes to play through our campaign. We hope to have an in-depth review or two from those we’ve sent demo kits to in the next couple of months.

For awhile now we’ve been interested in showing off a better overview of how our story mode actually functions, and what you can expect from the game. We’ll be throwing together a series of updates that focuses on how we’ve blended story telling with a board game. Hopefully this will give you an insight into what we’ve already done, and what we plan on doing in the future.

Lastly, we’ve updated the rulebook once more. It’s still going through a lot of visual changes, but the text is only being tweaked in minor ways at this point with a few exceptions. Perhaps we should start up a change log? In either case, we’ll keep updating this rulebook on our website as things change on our end.

You can find the most recent version of the book here.

We’ve learned a lot running this Kickstarter, and we’ve also met tons of talented people in the industry since embarking on this journey. Other creators have reached out to us and shared their own knowledge and expertise in the industry, and the hard work we’ve put into this project the last year has been a pleasure. We hope to be making games you love for a long time, thanks for giving us that opportunity.

Have a Merry Christmas!