Middara FAQ


Does Shayliss Arsen’s (Regal Princess Version) character’s ability stack with Murder Circus?

Yes. However, you only add a single purple die. If you have chosen multiple targets to attack with Murder Circus, you may only choose one target to deal the additional damage to.


Do abilities that reflect damage work even if the attack being reflected caused me to become defeated?

Yes. Any Ability that occurs when damage is dealt happens before any figures are defeated.

Does the Relentless tag Ignore the Heavy or Hulking tag?


If a spell has more than one target do I roll my casting dice multiple times to determine a force for each target?


Unless the ability specifically says to determine a force against each target, you should always determine the force of the spell once.

I.e. Each target will make a separate conviction check against the same force value.


Does the Merk Hound’s Sticky ability interrupt my movement?

No. If you did not start your movement next to a Merk Hound, then you can still move pass them without ending your movement.

What does it mean when a Special Encounter Rule states that the figure follows the rules of an Adventurer even though they use a Combatant card?

It means that any time a rule references an Adventurer it applies to that figure as well. It also means that they have a pack with a size of 3. Otherwise, they follow the rules of a Command Combatant. See Pg. 52 in the Rulebook.


If a figure is inflicted by Wilt do they take extra damage from being knocked into a wall?

No. The wall is dealing the damage.  Wilt only adds damage to damage dealt from attacks.

If I use a Vow Token to add extra damage until the end of my turn, do I add extra damage from knocking a figure into a wall?

No. The wall is dealing the damage. Vow only adds damage to damage dealt from your spells and attacks.


Can you half or double damage twice?

Nope. If one or more effect would double or half the damage from a single attack or spell action, you only apply one modifier.

Can you heal or take more damage than you have?

No. No figure may have more damage than it’s printed total Health Value. No figure may heal more damage than they currently have dealt.

Do I round up or down?

When players must round any number, they always round up.

If something would move me out of a space but I cannot move for whatever reason (There’s a wall in the way, my character has the heavy tag, etc) do adjacent opponents still get break attacks?



Are Terrain tokens ever affected by the “current” rules?

No. Any Terrain Tokens added to the board never have a current added to them, and will not be moved by currents. Unless stated otherwise, Loot tokens, and Combatant Tokens are the only tokens affected by currents.

If I share a space of Hindering Terrain with a token, do attacks I make against that token count as being made into hindering terrain?

Yes. In rare cases, you can attack something in the same space as you. The target gains all the benefits and detriments that the Terrain provides.