Middara Kickstarter Incoming!



Our kickstarter will be going live May 22nd. 

We are very pleased to announce our upcoming kickstarter for Middara.

Expect it May 22nd. We will have an early bird backing level that will be a bit cheaper than normal, so don’t hesitate to get in early.

Middara is a 1-5 player cooperative story-telling miniatures board game. Players assume the role of 4 adventurers in an ultra-modern fantasy setting that exists alongside our very own Earth. During the game, players will experience an in-depth, fully narrative driven adventure that contains over 20 hours of content. Throughout the narrative you and three of your friends will confront real decisions that change the course of the story and its outcome.


Players will face many dangerous adversaries throughout the story and will take part in heated combat with these foes. Middara features an innovative, dice based combat system for these encounters. Based on their equipment and abilities, players will have access to unique two-dice combinations that will increase their attack and damage potential in a variety of ways. In addition to numbers, dice have a particular set of symbols on each face that can be spent according to players currently equipped weapons and abilities. With nine different types of dice, over 110 unique abilities and 111 unique pieces of equipment the possibilities for different character builds are endless.


What makes Middara so unique is that the outcomes of your decisions and encounters have far-reaching effects that determine how the story moves and resolves. Characters might get killed, or they may survive. Maybe the players avoid some problems entirely, only to be faced with a whole new challenge.



Game Play Features

  • Fifth player variant – a fully integrated rule set that allows a player to control all of the antagonists in the game.
  • Stand alone scenarios for when you aren’t playing with your campaign group, or even when you are!
  • Over 110 unique abilities and 111 unique pieces of equipment.
  • Campaign character progression via a point-buy system allowing players to ditch traditional classes, and instead focus on building the character they want to play.
  • A.I. controlled monsters, NPCs, challenges, traps, and other narrative driven obstacles.
  • Over 30 modular map tiles representing different locations in the world, such as magical forests, caves, swamps and even an airship!
  • Unique dice-based success system, featuring multiple dice that players can upgrade throughout the campaign.
  • Narrative driven campaign that contains over 20 hours of content.

More information

  • You can check out artwork and miniatures here.
  • A basic rule break down is here.
  • Fluff or additional information about the setting is here.
  • And of course its all compiled on our website at succubuspublishing.com