Middara Review Copies

Hey guys, just a quick update on the review copies going out.

We’ve had a ton of interest from all sorts of content creators lately. More interest than we have games to send out unfortunately.

So, this weekend we will be very busy analyzing our list of reviewers to determine where the games will be headed.

We will be shipping them out Monday afternoon.

When it’s all said and done, it’s looking like there will be some seriously cool content coming out on the game in the near future. Hopefully reviewers enjoy the game!

Address Changes

Address changes can no longer be made through our support email!

Any address changes from here on out must be done here.


In some other news, we will be shifting timelines on our preorder webstore. We were anticipating opening up the store near April but we’ve been able to safely reserve a limited supply of games, playmats, add-ons from Ship Naked’s depots and we will most likely be opening up the pre-orders to all people on our backorder list within the next two weeks.

We will keep everyone posted on this.

So yeah! That’s it for today. We are getting really excited for what you all think of Middara!