The Middara Companion App allows players to listen to the narrative of all our scenes. By commissioning the talent of a myriad of professional voice actors we’re committed to converting the entirety of our Adventure catalog into an audio experience that can be listened too as you play through Middara. This way, players won’t have to read text out loud and instead can kick back with a couple beers and enjoy our story one scene at a time.

In addition to the wonderful voice work, we’ve included professional ambient sound effects courtesy of Plate Mail Games.


The Middara Companion App is a free App available on Android and Iphone. For those that have neither, or would prefer to listen on another device, we’ll be uploading the MP3 files to our downloads section. The Companion App will be launched to the public sometime right before delivery of our first Kickstarter. Right now, we plan on only have Chapter 1 and 2 of Unintentional Malum available. Over the course of the following months we’ll be updating the App as Chapter 3 through 5 complete. Check out a sample of our audio below!