Milestones and Checkboxes!

Hey Everyone!

We’re super excited to say that some of our biggest milestones are just on the horizon. We’ve been working hard on the rulebook and we’ll¬†hopefully have something to show everyone next weekend. In addition, we’re printing out preliminary demo copies of the game from local sources. After proofing, and a subsequent reprint, these copies will be sent out to business partners and individuals we know personally for play testing and feedback. This also means we’re playtesting with our “final pitch” of the game with our local playtesters before sending off the digital files for our print run.

We wanted to post a timeline for everyone so that you can see how and when we expect to get this product to your doorsteps. However, we’re going to do this next week because we want to be %100 sure that our information is accurate and all parties involved are committed to making our timeline work. So in the interest of accuracy we’ll be waiting until next weekend to post this timeline and plan.

Logistically we’ve got a plan in place for manufacturing and delivery and we’ll be shooting to share it next weekend alongside the rulebook. This timeline will include an approximate date for miniature samples (confirmed by our manufacturer), final component¬†counts, how the product will be shipped, and updates on the current completion rate of the game itself.

Also, we’ve been wanting to share a bit about the Story Mode in the game. Our graphic designer is hard at work with our Rulebook, and as soon as it’s beta version is complete, and in your hands for feedback, we’ll be moving onto laying out the Adventure Book. This book is actually the last major item in Middara that hasn’t been graphically finished.

Lastly, we wanted to give a shout out to all those who are talking about our game at their local game store and on forums. We saw a huge increase in late backers the last couple of weeks, more than we’ve seen in a long time.

Thanks everyone, see you next week!