Miniatures, Tiles, and Madness!

Hey Backers!

We’ve got some samples from Panda we wanted to show off. However, we also wanted to be super clear about our current situation and where we are at.

We are still expecting to get samples from other miniatures manufacturers by the 15th of December. However, we’re eager to get things moving, and Panda has produced fantastic injection molded miniatures. We’ll be moving forward on the 15th with manufacturing, and we are confident that even if we don’t get samples from any other manufacturers, Panda’s minis will look awesome.


The pictures below are not doctored and the miniatures have been left ‘as is’ from the manufacturer. This way, you can see exactly what you’d get in the box. These aren’t just samples of what the product might look like, they are production samples.  In other words, what you see is what you’d be getting if we go with Panda. The following pictures are of 5 of our characters, we specifically chose a couple that we felt would be very difficult to produce with injection molding.

We personally feel that these miniatures look great when compared with other injection molded miniatures on the market. Panda has provided an excellent plastic that balances Durability with detail. They could easily be dropped, and thrown in a box without worry of breaking. Something that makes our miniatures stand apart from other injection molded miniatures is how many pieces they are. When we sent our CADS to panda months ago, they recommended us to cut down on parts by making the poses more 2 dimensional. You see this in a lot of other board games. their miniatures are on one plane, meaning that the mold can physically be done in one piece. This makes the miniature cheaper to produce since we would have to pay for less parts during assembly, which is done by a person we have to pay.

This cost is obviously off-set when the game is built by the consumer. However, we promised a product that was pre-built and we intend on sticking with that promise. Frankly, we loved our poses and worked hard to keep them as close to the original CADS we showed on our KS as possible. This means that many of our miniatures are more than 1 piece, and many are 3 or more. We aren’t trying to brag, and many other manufacturers would say we’re wasting money by doing this. He think that the dynamic poses provide our customers with a cooler product, though.

For all those painters out there, you can see below how they look with a wash. We do intend on painting some up to show off soon. Perhaps in the next three weeks.

We’re super stoked that panda provided a matte finish on the plastic. This provides for a better painting finish and looks better when not painted (in our opinion). We talked to other manufacturers who simply said this wasn’t possible. The dark grey shows detail, and still looks great on the table. When we get a set painted we’ll let you all know!

Lastly, we felt that it was only fair to compare them to other injection molded games. Many other games looks great, and it’s important that Middara is as good, or better than our competition.   Below are a scale and detail comparisons with some other popular games on kickstarter.

With all that said, we hope that this will provide an unbiased comparison of Middara in plastic against other games using the same technology.


Pledge Manager, Website, Pre-Orders

We’ve had a lot of you looking to update your addresses or looking to change your  pledge levels. We’re working to update our pledge manager to allow you to do this without having to email us. In addition, our website we’ll be getting an overhaul in the next couple weeks to support a web store. Once we get pre-orders up and running we’ll be ‘officially’ closing the pledge manager. You’ll still be able to change your address, and we’ll send you a confirmation before we ship next year.


Gehenna Complete!

Alex has nearly completed every tile in our game. Below is our most recent set. Alex has only one remaining set left to do and we’re officially done with all the tile art in our base game.


Thanks for all the support, we’ll see you next week!