Minis Lineup

Hey everyone,

We hope you’ve had great week. I know things have been going really good here at Succubus headquarters! We’ve been in constant contact with Panda getting everything all finalized with the minis. Now that Chinese New Year is coming to an end and we can get the minis actually cast, it’s full steam ahead. We are super excited!

We had a couple of scale things we had to get hammered out, and now we have an updated lineup to share with you. The whole lineup is REALLY big, so we cut it up into bite-sized chunks for your viewing pleasure. The full lineup is at the bottom if you want to see them all in one image. Just click on the image to see it in full size.

Lineup 1 Lineup 2 Lineup 3 Lineup 4 Lineup 5 Lineup 6 Lineup 7



Figure Lineup

“So what’s next?” I hear you asking. Well, next is our in-house proofing of the game. We are going to go through every card, each scenario, and the entire rulebook to make sure that everything is correct and ready for Panda. Once that is complete, Panda will send us an actual proof copy of the components and files. Once we okay that, then we can get the game in full production.

We are so close we can almost taste it! We know that it has taken a long time, and we are really grateful for all of your support and patience. We really think the wait will be worth it! Enjoy your weekend, everybody!

-The Succubus Team