New 3D Prints!

Hey all! We’ve been hard at work getting more story elements finalized and developing story encounters. We had a couple guys out sick a couple days this past week, but everyone is feeling better now for the most part.

3D Prints

We’ve got a few more 3D prints from Trenchworx to show off this week and we are really excited about these ones. They include some of the more complex models in the game and are a good example of the quality we are shooting for. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Spirit-Blade Blackwolf1 Kajax1 Nightingale1 Obscene-Rescindo Rook1 Line-Up

Equipment Art

This week Alex finished the artwork for the last weapon in the game! He’s just got to finish up rare tier relics and all the equipment art will be done.  He’s anticipating getting those completed by the end of next week and then it’s on to tile artwork!! Check out his new finished equipment below:


That’s all we have to share with you this week but we’ve got a big announcement for next week so look forward to that!!