Reprint In The Works








Hello to our wonderful backers!

Brooklynn here. I’ve been going through our list of backorders and I’m amazed at the sheer amount of them. When we placed an order for our games from Panda we knew that we’d be short on games. But combined with putting the recommended amount of copies aside for replacement parts, we’re hundreds and hundreds of games away from being able to fulfill even half of our backorder list.

This demand has really justified a reprint for Middara.

And hey, this shouldn’t be any sort of secret, but due to the sheer size of Middara, coupled with our admittedly poor time management skills, we took a huge financial loss on on our first printing of the game. So a reprint Kickstarter could be a great way for Alex and I to apply what we’ve learned to streamline our process and get our future product to our backers in a fraction of the time. Right now we’re thinking about launching it sometime in the summer of this year.