Plate Mail Games is providing audio for our app & some general notes.

Plate Mail Games is providing their amazing services!

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Wes Otis of Plate Mail Games is providing us with top quality audio clips for our app. He specializes in making ambient audio for more immersive gaming. We wanted to let everyone know that this business relationship will provide our backers with an unparalleled audio experience through our app. He even has clips for the sounds that  our airships make!

Go check out and support his (5th – holy crap!) kickstarter that is currently running.

Here’s some samples he provided to us. It’s pretty awesome work.

Daytime Medieval City:


Gnome Workshop:


We also wanted to express a special thank you to those who have been enlightening us about these other projects and cross promotional ideas to make a better game for everyone backing!

Home brew & Translation

We have an invested interest in supporting home brew (community made) content, and that includes fan translations. Shortly before backers receive their copies of the game, we will be providing our templates for home brew content. This includes card mats and other in house assets. We will even be working with community leaders who want to help translate the game by providing a community excel sheet with each language for translation. When we feel that we have the bulk of the translation complete, we will hire an editor who speaks that language natively to double check the content, and then release the translated files for free on our website and boardgamegeek.

We understand that the word count for the campaign is too high to realistically expect someone to do a fan translation. More importantly, it would be very difficult to do with creative writing. However, a stretch goal that allows us to make a professional translated & edited version of the campaign book as a pdf is very realistic.

Asia shipping information

We have had many people concerned about the price of shipping to parts of asia. Unfortunately, right now it really does cost us between $30 and $50 to ship to these countries. This price will change greatly based on a country-by-country basis. But currently, this is the price that we can safely quote for those from these countries. We will work our hardest to reduce this cost by the time shipping actually comes around. We are currently talking with some companies who specialize in delivering pallets of product to these areas of the world to see if reducing this cost is realistic or not.