Quick Miniatures Update

Hey, this week has been crazy busy so this update is going to be a little shorter than usual. Sorry.

We heard back from Panda again and they let us know that to get the quality we are shooting for in the miniatures department some of the details on the miniatures we sent need to be deepened, thickened, and so forth. We started on that process this week and will be consulting with Ninja Division’s miniatures department to make sure all the details will be accurately represented in the injection molded figures. This does mean a delay for delivery, and we apologize for that.

We’ve been working hard to get this process right and we don’t want to deliver anything to you that is less than the best. We are taking the time to enhance the details on our figures so that you get the best possible miniatures we can deliver. We also want to be upfront with you about the details of production and wish to assure you that in addition to working with Ninja Division’s miniatures department, we will be getting quotes from the company’s manufacturer so that we can avoid more possible delays in the future due to miniatures issues. We have loved working with Panda, but if it turns out that they cannot deliver quality miniatures, then we will have other options in place with which to proceed.

Sorry again for this brief update and we’ll get you more info as things develop!!