Quick Update. Late Night.

Hey Backers. This is a quick update, it’s been a long night as we’ve been putting our cards through a long and arduous proofing process. We’re loving all the feedback on the rulebook. Keep it coming. Speaking of the Rulebook, we have another update on the Rulebook you can check it out on our website here. We’ve finished adding the last couple sections.┬áNow we’re only missing an FAQ.

We expect to have an update on miniatures (with pictures of production samples) within the next thirty days. We don’t wan’t to make any promises, but it’s looking more and more likely we’ll have more than one manufacturer giving us samples by our requested deadline. Hurray for backup plans! We’re excited to see all the samples and can’t wait to show them off.

Since we don’t have much to say on this update, we’ve decided to show off a couple pieces of artwork for characters in our story. Middara contains a plethora of characters the Adventurers meet in the story, Below is a couple examples of the type of artwork players would find in the Adventure Book and in the Digital App.

alana-the-lich-wurm yoel-arsen

Thanks for checking out the update, we hope yo have some miniatures for you soon!