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Hello to our wonderful backers!

Brooklynn here. I’ve been going through our list of backorders and I’m amazed at the sheer amount of them. When we placed an order for our games from Panda we knew that we’d be short on games. But combined with putting the recommended amount of copies aside for replacement parts, we’re hundreds and hundreds of games away from being able to fulfill even half of our backorder list.

This demand has really justified a reprint for Middara.

And hey, this shouldn’t be any sort of secret, but due to the sheer size of Middara, coupled with our admittedly poor time management skills, we took a huge financial loss on on our first printing of the game. So a reprint Kickstarter could be a great way for Alex and I to apply what we’ve learned to streamline our process and get our future product to our backers in a fraction of the time. Right now we’re thinking about launching it sometime in the summer of this year.


Fulfillment First!








With all that said, we’re focused on getting our game delivered first. We are dedicated to working with our fulfillment company to make sure that our backers and those who backordered before we sold out get the game before we pay a reprint Kickstarter too much mind. Alex and I are learning the ins and outs of the shipping process and trying to gain a skill set that can be put into use when moving forward with Succubus Publishing.

For anyone concerned, we have designated a good amount of games for the purpose of replacement parts. There will be issues no doubt, this is our first campaign afterall. But, we want to do our best to make sure that you are happy with your product after all this time. 

We’ve been talking to reviewers and getting feedback on everything from mechanics to content creation and any shipping issues. So far, all our reviewers have been a charm to work with and as they post content we’ll make sure to compile that information on an update so all of you can go check them out.

We’re hoping to provide reviewers with enough information moving forward that they’ll be able to include information about both our current product as well as the 1.1 updates we plan on introducing in the reprint. (Just as a reminder, all new or changed material that we deem mechanically pertinent will be included in our returning backer pledge free of charge.)


Beyond Fulfillment








Getting Middara to your doorstep is only the start of the journey for us. We believe in constantly improving Middara. This isn’t a board game we intend on releasing and forgetting.

Middara will be evolving and growing based on feedback we get from our customers like you and from content-creators. We hope to forge Middara into the best game that it can be.

To do that, we believe strongly in cultivating community. Working alongside those who are playing the game is essential to making Middara everything we know it can be.

For this reason, you can expect us to provide templates to make your own cards, lore, and an ever expanding collection of patch notes and print and play content all for free under the download section on our website. 


Product Status








For real-time up to date information about future releases and how and when you’ll be receiving them, check out the products below.

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