Rulebook mostly done!

Hey everybody! We finally got the entire Rule book proofed and style guided. We made a lot of small updates to various blocks of text to ensure that it’s both technically correct and concise. However, since the last update their has been only a handful of changes in terms of content and basic game play, and in most cases this has been new information added as opposed to changed information. You can check out the most recent version here.

We’re also looking to fill out the FAQ section so if anyone has question after reading please ask. The Mini Game and Terminology section is going to come next week, At that point, after some more proof reading by third parties and a layout check by Stephanie, we feel that the Rule Book will be in it’s final form.

This has been a big challenge for us since we designed a table top game that can be played against AI, or other players. We even made sure to make the game work if we ever introduced a skirmish mode in the future where players point buy a team of Adventurers and fight each other. This has hopefully squashed any serious timing issues that arise, and in the worst case scenario, will be something that is simply missing from the book but we already have the answer to.

Next up, we’ve been laying out our punch boards for tokens.┬áThe game contains an impressive amount of tokens and this process signals an important milestone in getting the game into our backers hands. Below is an example of a single punch board (front and back) with cut lines.


On another note, the last batch of artwork is being commissioned. This will finish up the illustrations for our kickstarter. Other than the handful of remaining tiles Alex is working on, we’re nearing the completion of Middara in the art department.

Our playtesters are working hard to ensure a balanced and fun game. This has been by far the hardest part of making Middara. The Playtesting of a game this large has been overwhelming and complex. But we feel that we’re in a good place at this point and tuning any further is now becoming a determent. All that is left now is to play through our campaign once more and make some final changes.

With all this said, the game is still on the path for delivery in June/July of 2017. We’re working hard to prevent this date from slipping, and Panda has been a charm to work with in this regard. Miniatures are currently in progress and samples should arrive sometime in December.

Next up we have some tarot card sized Abraxis Cards to show off. These are used in a Mini game players can play while playing the Adventure Mode in Middara.














And Finally, below is some new items for the Pirates of Elenia. It’s everything a pirate needs really.



Thanks for all the support, have a great weekend!