Rulebook update, and more!

Hey Backers!

We got our newest version of the rulebook up on our website here.

We’ve already got a list of things wrong that we’re working through. Some images need to be updated, and some text is still being worked on. However, please give us feedback none the less. Also, if you do have a lot of feedback make sure to email it to us so it doesn’t get lost in the ks comment thread. You can email us as

We’ll be updating the rule book once a week as needed. We expect to be actively working on this rulebook all the way up until the digital files are sent to print.

Also, we’ve got some more progress on the Carrion Swamps by Alex below. We decided to leave some of the unfinished artwork on this batch so you can see the tile he’s currently working on.

Swamp Set 2


In addition, a local dice company here in Salt Lake City gave us a sample of some of their dice to use in our demo kits. They look wonderful. We came to find that they have even run kickstarters before.

Below you can check out some custom dice by Gravity Dice. They’re so balanced we’ve even had them rarely roll on their edges during playtesting.

1 2 3









We may consider offering these dice at a later date if we can make them affordable for our backers. And on the note of dice, we’re working with Britt to provide a sample of the final etched dice backers will be receiving.

Lastly, we’re happy to announce that Panda has finished their optimization process on our miniatures and we’re moving forward with that process next week. Below is a random group of images just to briefly show the kind of work that’s being done. Panda is taking our CAD files and making minor edits to make them work with their injection molding process. And all the while they are keeping us up to date about any artistic changes that occur.


That’s all for this week. Thanks for all the feedback and support!