Rules, Rules, Rules

Hello! We hope you’ve had an excellent week.

Essen is in full swing, so most of our business partners have been really busy. We are hammering through the rule book real hard so that it can be as refined as possible before we have to deliver our digital files, and it’s quite the task. Hopefully, this will result in a very clear rule set that will answer player’s questions effectively. We will have a huge rule book update for everyone next Friday.

We do have an exciting new piece of art to share this week. We received the alternate art for Nightingale from Jonathan Hamilton and it looks amazing! Check it out. Also, give his Deviantart page a look. His stuff is great! Tsuaii on Deviantart.

Nightingale's Alternate Art
Nightingale’s Alternate Art

We hope that everyone at Essen Spiel is having a blast. We can’t wait to be there next year!

The Succubus Team