Submission Guidelines

Game Submissions

Here at Succubus Publishing, we know that you’re sitting on a pile of amazing games which you’ve play-tested over and over again, refining and trying to finish. We also know about that repeated phrase you say to yourself every time those games come to mind.

“Someday I’ll get around to publishing this.”

Trust us, we know. And we don’t like it.

Instead, we would much rather see that pile of procrastination brought to us today. Not tomorrow, or the day after. Today.

We would love for you to send those amazing (and some that aren’t yet amazing) games to us, so that we can print them for you and throw you into the prestigious and self-satisfying hall of, “I’ve had a game published!”


What we are looking for….and what we are not.

Now, we understand that deck building games are the big thing right now. Because of this, most publishing companies are not accepting them. What you have to understand, is that we are not most publishing companies…and the Succubus has an incurable appetite for them. So please, send them our way.

As a matter of fact, as long as it’s not a party game, word game, trivia game, or a sports simulation, we would love to see it. We get people asking, “What if my game is made up entirely of mechanics, lacking any decent theme or artistic flare?”

Well then, our wonderful self-conscious skeptics, as long as the game itself makes us want to play until starvation, send it over. We are here to let you show off your ideas and pet projects alike. Theme can always be worked on later, but the game itself must be compelling and fun, even if it’s not completely finished.

Lastly, I’m obliged to mention how much our play testers love cooperative games. It’s one of the few games where they don’t lose their souls to the Succubus when the game is over.


How do I submit games?

It’s as easy as pie. Which, for anyone who really knows, is not as easy as it seems.

So to be fair, unlike pie, it is very easy.

Email us at Please include a short summary of the game and how it plays (be general e.g: co-operative, card game, competitive, war simulation etc.), how many players it includes, and how long it takes to play on average. Also, list any and all components, as well as anything….unusual it might contain.

If the Succubus decides it’s a decadence she would enjoy having over for the night, we will send you an email and let you know. In our response to you, we will detail some vital information and paperwork. We will then request that you send us a physical prototype of your game. You must send it to us in a box and have a clear set of written rules. Make sure that the prototype has everything required to play your game.

And don’t worry, the Succubus won’t steal your prototype, we’ll make her give it back.

As we are a small company, please allow up to 2 months for a response to your inquiry. We may or may not give you reason as to why our fickle Succubus has not chosen to publish your game. . . . sometimes, we don’t even know.