Samples and Rulebooks

Hey all!

Today we’ve got some good news on two fronts! First, we’ve paid for a miniature production sample from Panda and they are currently getting it made. Second, we’ve updated the rulebook to it’s near final form. Let’s talk details:


Panda is currently working on a mold for the game that includes Nightingale, Remi, Zeke, Rook, and Aisling. These will be final production copy miniatures and we have an expectation to see them sometime in the next 35-45 days. That will hopefully put us at early December for the Miniatures to arrive. We are definitely looking forward to seeing these miniatures in person and posting pics for all of you to see as well. On that note, once we receive and post these miniatures in an update we will start the clock for closing down the pledge manager. We will likely have a 2 week window of time before everyone’s pledge needs to be finalized. Once the pledge manager is closed we will not be accepting new pledges or add-ons, but we can still update addresses as the need arises. Please be sure to complete your pledge manager order by that time so we can actually ship you the game! We will not be doing a kickstarter survey to collect addresses so completing the pledge manager is the only way we’ll know where to send your game.


We’ve been hammering out the rulebook really hard these past couple weeks and while what we have to show you today is not the final rulebook it is a much overhauled look at what the final rulebook will be. We expect the rulebook to be updated again next week with many more edits, and the remaining sections missing from the draft we posted today.  We are planning to go through an editing process this coming week for grammar and spelling issues, but most of the rule information and layout will be final.

Once we post the edited draft next week we would be very grateful for some help to catch any spelling errors or grammar mistakes we missed.  We have really refined the rules so any questions that come up should be easily answered. Timing issues can plague games like Middara so that has also been a major focus for us during this overhaul and we are confident that we’ve fully addressed the problem. Anyways, enough talk check it out here!

Lastly, We wanted to thank all our backers for the continued feedback on the rulebook.

Rulebook V.03 HQ

Rulebook v.03 LQ


Alex has finished some more tiles for the Gehenna set. Check em out below!

g1 g2












Thanks for tuning in every week and for continuing to support the project.  It’s a long process but we getting close to the light at the end of this tunnel!