Shipping Update

Hey hey!

Not a huge update today but an exciting one nonetheless!

..Exciting because every day we are getting closer and closer to the delivery of Middara!


First, and the most important part of the update:

We need final addresses submitted by Wednesday, September 20!

After this date, we will simply be unable to update addresses as everything will be locked in for shipping.

If you need to know your current listed address or need to make a change, email us at and we’ll get you taken care of.

We want to make sure you get your stuff!


We are handling the etched promo dice and you can expect them to be shipped with everything else. We will show off samples ASAP, but they’ll look badass, we promise.


We made some mistakes in our math on our “Playing Encounters” video so we’ve fixed the problems and re-uploaded the video. You can check out our how to play series here.

We also wanted to give a special shoutout to one of our KS backers, Martin Weld for bringing this to our attention so quickly.

Ok, guys, thanks again for all the support, and we’ll get back to you soon with more updates on delivery!

– The Succubus Team