State of the Game Address

Happy Friday, everyone! This week, we wanted to talk a bit about where Middara and Succubus Publishing are at. Things continue to move forward as we work out the kinks in the process of making a game. We have made a lot of really positive contacts in the industry, and realized that maybe not everyone knows who is who and how they relate to us.

We announced our partnership with Ninja Division a little while back. Since then, they have provided us with invaluable support in navigating the production process. There is so much that we didn’t know, and so much we are still learning, and their help has been amazing. We look forward to continuing to work with Ninja Division as our distribution and localization partners.

Panda has been hard at work on our miniatures. We got a lot of feedback about Panda on our last update, and would like to address some concerns. First, we wanted to be really clear that any of the delays with minis have more to do with us not knowing what we are doing than with Panda. They have been very helpful in getting our 3D sculpts to a point that they will work with injection molding. We are still learning a ton about this process, and Panda has been very good in teaching us and giving us important feedback. The biggest issue here is that this type of information is not widely available. Many production companies hold these processes as trade secrets. That makes trying to learn incredibly frustrating. Panda has been a great help here.

Some people have brought up Cthulhu Wars in the comments. We wanted to point our backers to a recent update from Sandy Petersen on the subject.

We have had a very positive experience working with Panda, and want to make sure that we are not blaming them for delays they aren’t responsible for. Much like Sandy Petersen talks about in his update, most of the timeline issues come from us being inexperienced and a bit naïve. Thank you all for your patience with us.

As for Middara, we are working hard to get everything ready for print. We have been going through all the input you guys gave us to improve the rulebook. The feedback we received was amazing! Thanks! We were really impressed with the quality of feedback we got. Now, the rulebook will be going back to Stephanie, our wonderful graphic designer, for a facelift. Once that is done, we will scour it once more for errors and re-release it for your viewing pleasure.

We are spending the bulk of our time making sure that the end of the story is engaging and finishing the story encounter designs. We are also continuing with our play-testing. It has been good to get outside eyes on the project, and the play-testers are giving us great suggestions. We want to make this the best game it can be.

Financially, Succubus Publishing is doing well. There have been some concerns as to whether we are going to be able to finish the game on budget, and we wanted to reassure everyone that we will deliver. We received some outside funding to make sure we could make this happen even before we ran the Kickstarter. We are going to deliver this game no matter what.

Finally, we would like to give a shout out to all the people who have helped us with advice and other things. Ninja Division and Panda have been awesome to work with. Greenbrier Games and Petersen Games have answered some questions for us and have been generally really cool guys, and Trenchworx has made some truly astounding 3D print prototypes for us. Everyone we have spoken with has been tremendously helpful and we are grateful to work in an industry of friendly people who share our passion for good games.

TL; DR: Things are moving along, and we have met some really great people in the industry. Thanks everyone!