Still working hard!

Hey backers!

We’ve been super busy, and as such, didn’t have time to write a huge update. However, we wanted to quickly update you on what we’ve been up to.

On top of daily playtesting late into the night, we’ve finally got our Demo┬áversions on order. We expect to be shipping them out this month to our business partners for some blind play testing. In addition, we’ll be receiving dice from Britt to show off in the next two weeks.

Our rulebook has been updated here. And as always, we’ll be continuing this process every month. On that note, we wanted to thank all our backers. We received a tremendous amount of great feedback on the rulebook and we’re excited to get more. There is still a lot of information not in the rulebook, but it’s queued for completion by our writers.

We’ve been working daily with both Ninja Division and Panda to make sure our miniatures look the best they can. Both parties have been a huge help and we expect to have some more updates on that soon. Right now we’re waiting for our optimized CAD’s to upload to our servers┬áso that we can make some minor artistic changes before moving to the molding process.

Lastly, we’re hoping to have the Swamp Tile Set completed by next Friday. We’re excited to be able to show the completed set off before we move onto our last two tile sets in the base game.