Succubus Publishing Partnering with Ninja Division!!!

Today we are pleased to announce that Ninja Division has entered into a publishing partnership with Succubus Publishing for Middara!! They will be handling international distribution and localization of the game, which will help Middara be more widely available once it hits retail. We’ll also have the opportunity to attend all the major conventions as part of Ninja Division, sharing booth space and all the publicity that comes with that!


What this means for kickstarter backers: Succubus Publishing will still be handling kickstarter fulfillment. The publishing agreement with Ninja Division is only for retail copies of the game.  That being said, we will continue to work with them on production best practices and they will help us deliver the best product possible. Please follow this link for the official press release from Ninja Division: Official Press Release


We have been fortunate to work with some amazing people throughout this process, not least among them all the people at Ninja Division.  Trenchworx has been so great to work with and the 3D models they produce are absolutely stunning! Britt Duneyas and the custom dice he is making for us are fantastic. Stephanie Gustafson, our graphic designer, is truly a master at her craft and Middara would look much worse if it were not her. Our kickstarter fulfillment partner, Mr. B of Mr. B Games, is a stellar guy and the services he will be providing will prove invaluable to us and to you, our backers.  All of the artists and 3D modelers we have the pleasure of working with including Elsevilla, Rhett Mason, Jakub Szal, Jin, John Troy Nickel, Layna Salazar, Genzoman, and of course our very own Alex Hansen.


But meeting all these wonderful people and bringing Middara to life would not have been possible without each and every one of our kickstarter backers and supporters!  Thank you so much for putting your trust in us and believing in Middara!!  Now let’s get you some more pics of the amazing 3D prints being produced by Trenchworx:

Gevaudan Gatekeeper Earth-Loa Cave-Sickle Tortured-Immortal Line-Up-3


Art Update:

Alex is sooo close to finishing up all the equipment art! He only has 4 more rare relics and he’ll be done! Check out the awesome relics he finished up this week:

Salvation-Umbrella Lorelei's-Tainted-Gift


Thank you all again for your support and please let us know if you have any questions or comments regarding this new publishing deal!! 😀