The Care and Feeding of NPCs

Hey everybody!

This week, we wanted to talk about NPCs in Middara. In case anyone is unfamiliar, NPC stands for Non-Player Character. They are people that you will meet on your path who have some effect on the story or gameplay. We have a lot of very colorful characters that the players may have to help, or receive help from. Some of these NPCs will participate in battles, either with a player-controlled Command card or an AI-driven Intelligent card.

Let’s look at one of our favorite examples of an NPC that you might meet along the way. This is Isla.



Without spoiling anything, you may or may not run across Isla, and the decisions you make will affect how her story plays out. Some NPCs will eventually join the party as PCs, or Player Characters. Others only appear briefly.

NPCs allow us to add flavor and texture to the story mode, as well as to give players meaningful choices. Do you save the life of an NPC at the party’s expense, or do you leave them to their fate and ensure your own safety? Do you tell an NPC a secret if you think they might help you, or do you keep your private affairs private for fear of betrayal? These are just a couple of examples of what NPCs allow us to do.

Another thing that NPCs are great for is introducing the players to the world of Middara. Rather than a faceless text book laying out a list of facts, interesting characters show you glimpses of the world around them. In a game where the story is so central, we need to have people to populate that story. We have tried to make them meaningful and memorable so that players remember a place they visited and the people they met.

Thanks for tuning in this week! Happy weekend!

The Succubus Team