The games have been shipped!!


We got the word last night, the shipments have left Shenzhen! We dodged Chinese New Year and are on schedule!

So, now all we can do is patiently wait for their arrival.

Just for a little insight, due to to scale of the game and the amount of backers we have in each region, we will be utilizing all five of Ship Naked’s worldwide depots.

This means that all backers should receive their stuff simultaneously somewhere in that mid-March timeframe.

We hope you all enjoy Middara and we are excited to get feedback. We want to continue to grow and evolve the game to make it the best it can be!

Now, a few other notable topics of interest.

Etched Dice

After some deliberation, we have decided to shift gears with these dice and have them manufactured by our good friends at Gravity Dice, another SLC company. They are a little more expensive than we’d hoped but their quality is excellent and they’ve proven to us that they are capable of making this happen. We were hesitant to ask them initially because they specialize in aluminum dice (that are amazing by the way). Turns out they have a resin dice connection in China as well.

So, good news and bad news. Bad news is that the production on those dice will be delayed due to Chinese New Year. Production will commense the third week of February. The good news is that the production time is about a month and a half and the delivery should be fairly swift. As for a definitive delivery date, it’s still hard to say. Late spring would be our guess.

These dice have been a controversial subject since the beginning but we hope that these new developments will ease the concerns.


Our volunteer translators are unbelievably awesome. Their dedication to this project is something we never could have imagined. 

We wanted to give you all a closer look at how the translations are going.


Cards: 100%

Rulebook: 100% 

Crawl Book: In Progress

Bounty Book: 100%

Adventure Book – TBD


Cards:  72%

Rulebook:  In Progress

Crawl Book: In Progress

Bounty Book: In Progress

Adventure Book: TBD


Cards: 92%

Rulebook: In Progress

Crawl Book: In Progress

Bounty Book: In Progress

Adventure Book: TBD


Cards total: 20%

Rulebook: In Progress

Crawl Book: In Progress

Bounty Book: In Progress

Adventure Book: TBD

Shout on to the Spanish translation team for creating the template spreadsheets for us on the Rulebook, Crawl Book, and Bounty Book.

If anyone else is fluent in any of these languages and is crazy enough to accept the challenge of translating the game, we’d love to hear from you. Shoot an email to

We left the Adventure Book labeled “to be determined” because we have some strategies on how to go about doing this. We can’t expect anyone to translate 250,000 words for free. Plus, with cultural differences and contextual differences, it can’t just be a word-for-word translation and make sense. Also, with professional translators, a project like this could cost upwards of $150,000. It may not be a surprise to anyone that our broke asses can’t afford that right now!

Re-Boxing Video

We had some people asking us how everything fits back into the base game box after playing. Well here’s how!

And, that’s it! Thanks for sticking with us and have a great weekend!