The Holidays Are Almost Over!

Here at Succubus, we’re pretty excited to have the holidays end. We’ll finally be able to get all our playtesters back to testing full time! In either case, many of us have been working through the holidays, but we’ll finally have company in our excessively large office once again.

Below you can see a Tile that Alex is currently working on. It’s our final set in the base game and it’s called the Eerie. This network of caves is made out of an obsidian type stone and will contain some of our hardest monsters! ¬†We’re particularly excited about the black and green color pallet.


Once this Tile set is complete we’ll be moving onto the final Tile artwork for our first Story Expansion, Pirates of Elenia.

Aside from tiles, we’ve got plenty to share about the story mode and intend to do so in the next couple weeks. However, we’re on the last 5th of the game and just tuning late game balance and making sure that the game remains difficult even though we have thousands of ability combinations. This has been a real challenge, we’ll go into more detail in the coming weeks about our combat mechanics, strategies, and some of things that make our game different from other dungeon crawls.

Oh, and for those who have an address change, or want to update their pledge, the links we originally sent out should be working now. For those who cannot find their link, we intend on sending them out again next weekend.

Thanks for checking out the update! We’re excited to see you guys again next weekend.

Enjoy the new year celebrations!