Unintentional Malum

Act 1

What is Middara?

Middara: Unintentional Malum Act I is a fully cooperative, ultra-modern fantasy board game for 2-4 players. With its inspiration deeply rooted in JRPG tactics games, Middara is a unique strategic experience blended with a narrative that spans the length of an entire novel’s worth of content.

Over the course of 60 different available encounters and a 482 page Adventure Book, players will work together to determine the fate of the people they love and even the kingdom itself.

Unlike many other dungeon crawls, Middara doesn’t rely on starting over when an encounter is lost, or a bad decision is made. Instead, the story continues, and the outcome of the 200,000+ word narrative changes.

With 40+ miniatures, 100s of cards to customize your hero to your heart’s content, and little to no item restrictions, Middara will keep brave adventurers slaying monsters and getting loot for 80+ hours!

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Narrative Driven Game

Using our behemoth of a book, play once a week with your favorite group of friends. As you experience our 80+ hour long Adventure you’ll gain new items, kill new monsters, level up, and eventually see the culminations of your efforts. The ramifications of your decisions and the outcome of your battles throughout the Adventure will slowly change the narrative as you struggle to save your family’s kingdom and the people you love.


Unique Setting & Art

Middara sets itself apart from the competition with it’s unique, beautiful artwork and vibrant modern alternate world fantasy setting. We’ve purposely forgone orcs and goblins and decided to create brand new creatures in lieu of more common traditional offerings. With modern day Earth existing alongside our fantasy world, our character design contains a more millennial flair with a heavy seasoning of both western and eastern fantasy tropes.  


Full Character Customization

We’ve done away with the concept of classes. In Middara you use the abilities you want with the weapons you want. With over 110 unique Disciplines and over 400 unique items, Middara contains near limitless customization. Combined with our no-item-restriction design means that you can create anything from a nimble healer who dodges attacks and uses a bow and flintlocks, to a magic user who wears full plate and uses a warhammer as he summons creatures from another dimension to flank his foes alongside him.


Audio App

The entirety of the Adventure Book has been voiced over. Using the App, players are able to select the scene they’re currently at in the Adventure Book, then sit back and listen to the entire narrative. When a decision is made present, or the players must otherwise reference the book they’ll hear an audible ring alerting them that they need to check the book for rule reasons. 



Combat in Middara has strayed far from path of miniature board games and has instead pulled its inspiration from traditional tabletop RPGs and war games. We pride ourselves on tactical dice-driven combat that rewards players for quick thinking, over-preparing, and planning ahead. The difference by which attacks hit equates directly to damage, making engagements in Middara fast, fun, and dangerous. 


Modular Tile System

Using our 36 double-sided tiles, players are able to create a plethora of unique locations. From forests, to dungeons, to ancient libraries, our modular tile system provides a comfortable blend of unique possible locals while still providing maximum customization to each specific location. With each tile being over 6×6 inches, you can expect rather large dungeons. Each one of our beautiful tiles are hand drawn without 3D rendering and made in house by one of the creators of Middara. 


Quick Play Options

For those who don’t want to commit to our long adventures, we’ve included the Crawl Mode. This ever expanding mode of play provides you with a more traditional board game experience. In a single night, you can kill monsters, get loot, and level up! Leveling is faster, performance during encounters has less long term ramifications, and items and gold come easier and quicker. This mode is perfect for one-night experiences with people who have never played or don’t plan on being able to dedicate the time for our Adventure Mode.

Ever Expanding World & Support

We believe in constantly improving Middara. This isn’t a board game we intend on releasing and forgetting. Middara will be evolving and growing based on feedback we get from our customers and from content-creators. We hope to forge Middara into the best game that it can be. To do that, we believe strongly in cultivating community. Working alongside those who are playing the game is essential to making Middara everything we know it can be. For this reason, you can expect us to provide templates to make your own cards, lore, and an ever expanding collection of patch notes and print-and-play content all for free under the download section on our website.  

A Dark Passenger

On the eve of her graduation the youngest daughter of the strongest aristocratic family in Elenia becomes infected with a horrible unknown parasite. With her friends to guide her, Nightingale Arsen sets out to find a way to rid herself of her newfound and ever present infliction.

Their journey uncovers dark secrets as the parasite’s hell-bent malicious quest reveals more dangers than the young group of newcomers to Middara are prepared to handle. As the threat against Nightingale escalates, hidden enemies reveal themselves, but so do new allies.

The young group’s bonds of friendship are tested as the journey to save the people they love takes them from a dizzying descent into the darkest dungeons to the perilous teetering heights of the tallest towers.

Behind it all, a dark evil stirs. Without knowing it, Nightingale and her friends set into motion what could eventually be the only hope for their young country, and the difference between the life and death of thousands.


Middara: Unintentional Malum Act 1 is a Full Adventure Pack for 1-4 players. Meaning, that unlike Adventure Packs, you do not need any other product to play. Unintentional Malum Act I is the first of three parts. Act II and III are slated to release in 2019 alongside our reprint campaign. In addition to minor changes and patches being made to Unintentional Malum, backers of the new campaign can expect a returning backer pledge that will include any significant mechanical changes as part of their pledge. 

Chapter 1 of Unintentional Malum in the Audio App is complete. Chapter 2-5 will be released as they finish and we expect to have them all out by the end of Q2 of 2019.


1 Adventure Book (482 pgs. spiral bound)
1 Rule Book (76 pgs. spiral bound)
1 Crawl Book (42 pgs. saddle-stitched)
1 Diagram Book (52 pg. saddle-stitched)
1 Bounty Book (12 pg. saddle-stitched)
17 Custom Dice
44 Plastic Miniatures
27 Colored Base Clips
40 Stand-ups
36 Double-Sided Tiles
342 Tokens
1 Red Reveal Decoder
10 Adventurer Tuck Bags
79 Large Cards (153 x 127mm)
348 Mini-American Cards (41 x 63mm)
405 Standard Euro Cards (59 x 91mm)
12 Tarot Cards (70 x 120)