Shipping Update

Hey hey!

Not a huge update today but an exciting one nonetheless!

..Exciting because every day we are getting closer and closer to the delivery of Middara!


First, and the most important part of the update:

We need final addresses submitted by Wednesday, September 20!

After this date, we will simply be unable to update addresses as everything will be locked in for shipping.

If you need to know your current listed address or need to make a change, email us at and we’ll get you taken care of.

We want to make sure you get your stuff!


We are handling the etched promo dice and you can expect them to be shipped with everything else. We will show off samples ASAP, but they’ll look badass, we promise.


We made some mistakes in our math on our “Playing Encounters” video so we’ve fixed the problems and re-uploaded the video. You can check out our how to play series here.

We also wanted to give a special shoutout to one of our KS backers, Martin Weld for bringing this to our attention so quickly.

Ok, guys, thanks again for all the support, and we’ll get back to you soon with more updates on delivery!

– The Succubus Team

Content Update

Hey, backers!

Brooklynn here.

Now that the game is in Panda’s hands, I wanted to post an update that covered some of the tweaks we’ve made to the game since our last big rulebook update. I’m sure for those who spent the time to read our massive rulebook twice, it’s pretty noticeable. However, we had some people asking for a comparison of what was different. So, to save them the time of doing another read through, and to preview some of the changes for our backers, we decided to do an update that compiles the updates.

But first, some general updates.


For the Love of Lore!

Hey everybody!

We wanted to start setting precedent for semi-regular updates again and we thought a good starting point would be to talk about what we’ve done with the backs of our Adventurer and Command cards.

Since our Badman Variant has been temporarily sequestered to the grim darkness of the future, we’ve replaced the backs of our cards with sweet, sweet, lore. While some of you will lament the delay of our Badman Variant, do not fret! We still plan on making that happen. Sure, we’ve had our struggles balancing and making the Badman Variant fun, but here at Succubus, we feel very strongly that making this variant work is possible with a little hard work.

On the bright side, removing the Badman rules from the back of these cards has made sorting through our game and seraching for cards in question much easier.

Plus… lore!

We’re a huge fan of lore, and being able to include it on all of our Adventurer and Command cards has given us the opportunity to go all out when building the Middara milieu.

Remi Adventurer card with lore on back

All of our Adventurer Cards, Command Cards, and Espers will have lore written on their backs. The purpose of this lore is to help expand our setting and get a better feel of our world. As more content is released in the future, we’ll keep updating and supporting the ideas found within the fiction. While there is no specific style for the way our fiction is written (many of these were written by different people) ¬†a lot of the lore is flash fiction that will hopefully tell you a little bit about the monster, Esper, or the Adventurer your looking at.


Working Diligently

Hey everybody, just a quick update to let everyone know we’re still waiting on the proof production copy. We ¬†submitted all the files but had a hiccup on our end with some file preparation. However, we’ve since sorted it all out, and will be verifying the digital submission early next week. We expect a physical copy of the game shortly after.

We’re super excited to see it ourselves, and we’ll be sure to post pictures of all it’s glory when it arrives.

Also, we’ve had some really good feedback from backers on the rule book and have updated the PDF to reflect many of their suggestions. You can find it on our website here.

Lastly, we wanted to thank everyone for being so patient. We know that it’s been a long time since our kickstarter initially ran, but when you receive the game on your doorstep, we hope that you’ll enjoy Middara as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

Gaming Con Attendance


Full Tables!

We’ve just returned from a wild weekend at Salt Lake Gaming Con!

It was incredibly busy all weekend! Our four-man team was working full-time, teaching people how to play and talking about the game for the entirety of the convention. We were stoked to see so many people enjoying the game, and we enjoyed having everyone there. Thanks to everyone who came and played!

We made, lots of contacts with upcoming kickstarter projects, too. Some looked very good. We even got a spot on our local news station, which was neat.

All in all, the convention was very successful for us, and we’re excited to start attending more conventions and meet more of our backers and other individuals in the industry.